A FATHER says his daughter-in-law had a "lucky escape" after a tree fell just minutes after she drove off the driveway. 

John Aitken said his daughter-in-law, who was staying for the holiday period, had only been on the driveway to pick up the family dog, “less than five minutes” before the first tree fell in Great Tey.

From inside their house, husband and wife John and Patricia said they heard a "horrible creaking noise” as they watched the tree crash down. 

John called the police and an officer was dispatched to the scene.

Gazette: Dangerous - The fallen tree blocked the Aitken's drive way and posed a threat to passing cars and

But John says before the road was closed a black sports car was just moments from another tree falling into its path.

Patricia said the wind was “blowing quite a bit here” with winds higher than usual due to Storm Pia.

She said: "At least no one is hurt."

Gazette: Help - John rang the police who quickly came to handle the situationHelp - John rang the police who quickly came to handle the situation (Image: Aitken Family)

Patricia, who was sat down looking at the window when the first tree fell, said she was “dreading” going out to see the damage caused by the fallen trees. 

She added everyone had been "very lucky".