COLCHESTER punters have had their say on closed down Colchester pubs which they miss the most.

The city has been blessed with a plethora of brilliant watering holes over the years, and still is today.

Some of Colchester's most historic boozers, however, are sadly no longer with us, for one reason or another.

With that in mind, we asked Gazette readers to shout out the bygone pub they loved the most, a question which garnered more than 500 responses. 

So, here are some of the blast-from-the-past pubs which are missed the most.

The Twist

Gazette: Missed - The Twist on Military RoadMissed - The Twist on Military Road (Image: The Twist)

The Twist, also known as Oliver’s Twist, used to be in 25 Military Road and hosted live music for 30 years before closing ten years ago in 2013.

Roger Hance said the venue “had some great groups there” with Jennie Potter agreeing she had “seen some great bands at the venue.

Lee Carter said he had some great nights at the Oliver Twist with Manda Williams Munn agreeing and praising the venue’s “beer house”.

The venue had a rich history - hosting acts such as the Buzzcocks, James Hunter, Chimaira, and Snow Patrol - with Jon Murfin saying he used to drink in there when it was called the Globe Buoy.

However, the pub was turned into offices in 2012.


Gazette: Cups - Cups pub in Trinity Street opened in the 1970s before closing in 2002 and had an iconic historical sign to honour the 1701 Three Cups HotelCups - Cups pub in Trinity Street opened in the 1970s before closing in 2002 and had an iconic historical sign to honour the 1701 Three Cups Hotel (Image: Newsquest)

Another popular choice was Cups with Julie Boyington saying it was “always the best pub” and adding that she and her friend Tricia Ashun shared “fun times in there”.

Abbie Shannon Cochez specified Cups in the “early 90s” was the pub she missed the most.

Sasha Lawrence explained that as well as the Twist, Cups should never have been closed, saying: “It played a very important role in Colchester’s music and subculture.”

The Maypole 

Gazette: Historic - The Maypole Pub Historic - The Maypole Pub (Image: The Maypole Pub)

The Maypole in Berechurch Hall Road was a traditional pub in a 17th century building and is also greatly missed by readers.  

Carrol Brown said she had the “best times ever” in the pub which opened in the 1950s but closed during the Olympics in 2012.

Kelly Pritchard agreed and said  the pub was “brilliant”.

The Colne Lodge and Molly Malones

Several residents mentioned Colne Lodge as their most missed pub, with Doug Chalcraft adding it was one of his favourite places during his “younger days".

The Colne Lodge was situated at 103-105 Crouch Street and as a large building had a cocktail bar as well as bars for other punks and hippies.

The Lodge also has its own dedicated Facebook group.

Graham McAndrew also misses The Colne Lodge but further explained how Molly Malones “used to be the place to go”.

“The favourite venues have regularly shifted to different parts of the town, now city, over the last 30 to 40 years," he said.

While Andrew Wiseman added that he missed “all of them.”