A MAN has been reported after counterfeit perfumes were found to being sold in Colchester’s city centre, sparking concerns for the safety of anyone who may have been duped into purchasing them.

Essex Police officers were helping students return safely to St James' Primary School, in Colchester, on Wednesday after they had watched a pantomime at the Mercury Theatre.

While doing so, they came across a man who was spotted selling a product to a woman.

Upon closer inspection, after conducting a search, the officers found the woman was in possession of drugs, while the man was found with several counterfeit fragrances.


The fake goods, identifiable by the poor wrapping, "dull" print and words not being straight, were seized and the man was reported to Trading Standards. 

According to the police, the bottles were also “clearly used and damaged” and the fragrances were “very poor imitations that smelt nothing like the original”. 

Essex Police has warned such products are not only of very poor quality but, in the past, they have been found to contain human urine and dangerous chemicals like cyanide.

Essex County Council bosses, as well as the police, are now urging people to refrain from purchasing such items goods from people in the street or pubs as it is highly likely they will be fakes or stolen.


A spokesman for Essex County Council said: “Trading Standards has been made aware of the sale of counterfeit perfume in the Colchester area. However, this could be occurring in any town centre.

“Shoppers should avoid these individuals and report the activity to Trading Standards via the Citizens Advice Consumer Service on 08082 231 133.

“Officers are also keen to remind people that although the knock-down prices of these goods can be appealing, counterfeit perfumes have previously been found to contain harmful chemicals and ingredients, causing adverse reactions and risking the health of the user.

“To help avoid counterfeit goods, people should look out for the following: check the price, if the price looks too good to be true, it probably is.

"Check the packaging, if the product is being sold without its packaging, or the packaging appears to be of low quality, or includes printing errors it is probably counterfeit.

"Check the place and consider where the product is being sold. Would you normally expect to find the product sold in this type of environment? Deal only with legitimate, established retailers.”