A LONG-RUNNING Colchester charity race held in support of our heroic soldiers has been cancelled yet again - although organisers are "looking into options".

The annual PARAS’10 run is a gruelling 10-mile endurance race based on the testing route which soldiers complete during the Parachute Regiment's P Company test week.

The testing and tough race, originally founded by WO1 JJ Wilson in 1982, sees entrants brave hills and water obstacles during a trek across Colchester.

It can be completed as a cross-country race in trainers or as the P Company Challenge – wearing boots, trousers and carrying a 35lb rucksack.


The 11th edition of the  race was due to be staged in May before the plug was pulled due to soldiers being taken away from Colchester to perform their jobs in a humanitarian role overseas.

Organisers of the event, which has raised about £1.6 million for the military community, has now confirmed next year's race will also no longer go ahead.

However, they have now said they are exploring ways to one day revive the staple challenge, first brought to the city in 2012.

In a statement the organisers said: “Since the cancellation of the race, we have been looking into options that we will be able to facilitate here in Colchester, that won’t burden our soldiers.

"But that will still offer you the unique military feel and quality of delivery that you’ve come to expect from our events.


"As arranging an event like the run depends on the permission and support from a number of different authorities, there will not be an event in 2024 either. 

“In its current form, it is not an event that is worthy of the PARAS’10 brand and standard that you have come to know and love. 

“We want to make sure we get this right and provide you with an event that is just as challenging as our 10-miler.” 

The run is jointly run by the charity Support Our Paras and the P Company staff who are serving in the army’s Parachute Regiment. 

Surveys will now be sent out to previous participants in the next few weeks to gather ideas and suggestions which could be incorporated into future events. 

“For now, we will continue planning the best Colchester replacement for 2025 and focus on both our Catterick race and virtual event in 2024," the organisers added.