A COLCHESTER nursery and pre-school has received a letter from the King and Queen after congratulating them on their coronation. 

The staff and children at the Kiddi Caru Day Nursery and Pre-school in the Hythe, were excited when a special and unexpected letter arrived at the site. 

In May, staff and children had congratulated King Charles III and Queen Camilla on their coronation by sending them a letter which included curious questions from the children. 

The letter asked: “What is your favourite dinner?”, “Where are you going to put all your cards?” and “Where do the dogs sleep?” 


The nursery was thrilled to receive a response in which the royals thanked the children for their kind words and for taking the time to write to them. 

Johanna Allen is the nursery manager at Kiddi Caru Day Nursery and Pre-school and was delighted about the response the children received. 


She said: “We were really pleased and excited to share this letter with the nursery children and our team, especially our Kimberly, the biggest royalist, she felt absolute joy to get this and was speechless. 

“We are excited to see if they will come for the afternoon tea which we have invited them to.” 

The Kiddi Caru Day Nursery and Preschool is located at the Hythe Quay and is known for providing high-quality care and education to children. 


Over the years it has built strong connections with the families of the Garrison in Colchester and in the local community.