FROSTY weather has settled across Colchester lately, sparking the question of can we expect snow anytime soon.

While parts of the UK have experienced snow over the weekend, North Essex has been left uncovered.

Looking at the predictions from the Met Office, the weather for the next few weeks in the city can be seen.

A number of weather warnings for snow and ice are in place across the UK, but some slightly warmer temperatures are predicted for North Essex.

The prediction for Colchester is heavy rain on Monday, an overcast day and light rain on Tuesday, cloudy conditions changing to sunny intervals on Wednesday, cloudy and light rain on Thursday, cloudy on Friday and an overcast day on Saturday.

There are talks from the Met Office of colder spells towards the end of December, however there is currently no mention of snow forecasted.

In the prediction for the end of the week into next week, a spokesman for the Met Office said: “A transition to milder, wetter and windier conditions is likely to have spread to most of the country by Friday.

“By this time the main chance of any snow becomes more restricted to high ground in the north.

“However, the change in conditions may take until the weekend to reach the far northeast with wintry showers remaining possible here.

“Thereafter, a continuation of generally unsettled conditions is most likely through mid-December with spells of heavy rain and strong winds for most areas at times.

“Temperatures are most likely to be around average though with some milder spells, more especially in the south.

“Colder interludes remain possible but likely shorter-lived than the current period and probably more restricted to the north.”