A VIRAL Essex policeman who was once dubbed “Britain’s sexiest copper” lost out on a huge amount of cash after his appearance on Deal or No Deal.

PC Daryl Jones hoped to scoop up the £100,000 cash prize as his game was going well with lots of blue boxes being revealed, but he then accepted the banker’s offer of £11,800 which was described as a “life-changing amount”.

Even though the offer was accepted, it got to the final two boxes – including his own. He was left with 50p and £75,000 with a banker’s offer of £37,000.

However, host Stephen Mulhern opened his box and revealed he had £75,000.

Daryl said: “It's tough, isn't it?".

He added his wife was going to ‘have the best year off work.’

But Stephen made him feel a lot better when he said: "Any man who brings home £11,000 is doing a good job.”

Daryl also explained how we went viral after posting a selfie on Essex Police's social media accounts in 2016.

Gazette: Viral - selfieViral - selfie (Image: Essex Police)

Stephen Mulhern returned to TV screens on Monday as the show made a comeback after seven years off the air.

It originally aired on Channel 4 between 2005 and 2016, when it was hosted by Noel Edmonds, 74.