A CAT owner is seeking information on the whereabouts of her missing feline which she fears may have been stolen after it reportedly appeared for sale on a website.

Carol Maidment, who lives in Greenstead, said her beloved cat Tiger was last seen on November 8 near the Greenstead Community Centre.

Tiger, a Bengal cross, is one year and nine months old and described by his owner as being wary of strangers and a cat who does not often approach people. 

Although Carol did not know it at the time of the disappearance, there had been a free second hand clothes event in the car park of Greenstead Community Centre near to where she lives.

According to Carol, this means there were more people in the area than there usually are, which puts Tiger at risk of having potentially been stolen.

Carol said Tiger had been microchipped and neutered - the latter she said would have dashed plans if Tiger was taken by someone looking to breed him.

Carol has now said she believes Tiger has been listed for sale on a website.

Essex Police has been approached for comment.