BOSSES at a popular nightclub in the city centre have stressed the importance of people reporting spiking after claims of an incident at a venue over the weekend.

The incident, which reportedly occurred at the Walkabout premises in Colchester on Saturday evening, affected two revellers on a night out.

In a social media post, a parent claimed both their daughter and her friend were spiked in the venue on Saturday evening.

Despite claiming they “hardly had anything to drink”, the concerned parent claimed the pair “couldn't walk, were dribbling and have no recollection of the night”, even though they stopped drinking at 11.30pm.

Following the claims made, bosses at Walkabout have stressed the importance of guest safety, however added they have had no reports of the incident as of Tuesday morning.

A spokesman for the Colchester venue said: “Guest safety is our number one priority, and we take any allegations of drink-spiking very seriously.  

“We were not made aware of an alleged spiking incident taking place on Saturday evening and have not been contacted by either the guest or the police.

“We ask that the guest please make contact with us so we can further investigate their concerns.”

It is not the first reported incident at the venue, with a victim sharing their alleged spiking story earlier this year, claiming she had “no feelings in her legs and no control over what their body was doing”.

It is understood the victim was then admitted to hospital for eight to ten hours, was put on drips, had blood taken and had medication to flush the toxins out of their body.

There was also a spate of incidents across the city in late 2021.

Walkabout, alongside The Centurion, in North Hill, previously acquired StopTopps, which bar-goers can request are placed on the top of their drinks.

The versatile anti-spiking devices are designed to deter drink spikers and can be used on a majority of glasses, bottles and cans commonly found in pubs and clubs.

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