A PENSIONER was left in agony after she fell in a car park pothole as she tried to make her way home Colchester’s Christmas lights switch-on.

Irene Allsopp, 76, had been enjoying the evening with her family watching the display in the High Street and Lion Walk.

But disaster struck when the family left to go home.

The group had returned to Britannia Car Park, in Britannia Way, where their vehicle was parked when Irene tripped in a large pothole in the road.

Irene fell to the floor leaving her with an injured ankle and swollen foot. 

Gazette: Injury - Irene's swollen foot after suffering the fallInjury - Irene's swollen foot after suffering the fall (Image: Lisa-Marie Bell)

Luckily she did not need any medical treatment and is now recovering at home with support from her family.

Her granddaughter Lisa-Marie Bell, said Irene had not seen the pothole in the darkness.

She said: “She is okay, just a bit sore and bruised. She is at home resting now but is annoyed she couldn't go into work.

"She works harder than anyone I know."

Irene works in the army barracks kitchens for 36 years and is upset that she is unable to work due to her injured foot.

Gazette: Damage - The pothole in Britannia Car ParkDamage - The pothole in Britannia Car Park (Image: Lisa-Marie Bell)

Although Irene was in pain, she refused to get medical attention.

Lisa continues: "She didn’t go to the hospital because she is stubborn but she has taken time off and rested at home."

Colchester Council has now apologised to Irene and says it will be filling in the pothole as soon as possible.

A spokesman said pothole had appeared due to recent bad weather.

They said: “We are aware of the incident involving the 76-year-old woman who sustained a sprain due to a pothole in Britannia Car Park.

“We are in contact with the lady directly to offer our support and address her concerns. We are also taking steps to fill in the pothole as soon as possible along with others that have built up due to the recent wet weather.

“We apologise for any inconvenience or distress this may have caused.”

You can report a pothole at: www.colchester.gov.uk/report-pothole