On the 12th November the 11th/ 9th Scout group remembered those fallen in the wars waged for our country. It started with a service at 10am at St Marks church. There were 9 Beavers who attended the memorial after the service and 3 young leaders who helped manage the Beavers and Squirrels (both branches of the Newnham Scouts for younger children). During the service the Beavers went to the young church (a special area away from the main service for the younger children) and heard a moving story about the First World War and then made a wreath consisting of green hand cutouts and handmade paper poppies which was then put next to the memorial. 

Typically the Beavers run sessions on Thursday evenings which teach the children extremely useful skills like cooking, problem solving, agility, teamwork, fire safety and first aid . This means it is an fantastic opportunity to have children go into Beavers because it is a great way to learn new skills, make friends and have fun in the outdoors.

The Beavers have more major events coming up like a cooking challenge evening, a Beaver trip, an overnight sleepover and an “ever-popular” district Christmas party, all of these will be directed by the Beavers main leader. Peter Kirwan (aka Badger (to the Beavers)) took up the post of Badger because (to quote him) “Volunteering as a leader seemed like a great way to give young people the opportunity to learn and have fun with their peers, in a safe and supportive environment”.  

All the Scout sections have an important role at Remembrance Sunday (and in the community in general), even the Beavers and Squirrels, this means that if anyone could in anyway support these organisations it would be brilliant.