On Saturday morning on the 28th of October 2023 I was in my local town St Neots and I went into boots pharmacy and walked around the shop. While I was looking around I spotted a lot of empty spaces on the makeup shelf and missing products.

I was flabbergasted! It was like an unsolved mystery, I wondered where had they gone? I was vey inquisitive and puzzled about this. Therefore, I found members of staff and decided to interview a member of staff that works at boots pharmacy named Linda Docrera who gave me some more interesting information on this.

Linda explained to me that this large quantity of missing products had been stolen. She said to me that “the thieves get checked on camera and that they always run out of the shop”. I was also told by Linda that staff members are not supposed to run after the perpetrators. This in case they are carrying something harmful like a weapon meaning that the thieves escape with the stolen items.

According to Linda this stealing has been going on for years and the most popular products stolen consist of foundation and mascara. As I walked down the makeup aisle I was really shocked and saw how nearly all of the mascara and the foundation was missing. It was as if it had vanished into thin air.

Linda also told me that community police used to come in all the time  but that they don’t go around so much at the moment.