On Friday the 27thof October I was walking around my local town St Neots when I discovered something spectacular, something amazing. I am absolutely thrilled to announce a brand new shop opening up down Fisher’s yard called Picklestix. 

Picklestix offers a variety of fun and interesting games such as Pokémon, Yu Gi Oh!, Marvel, Star Wars, Warhammer and Naruto. I spoke to Matthew Harmel who is the owner of this exciting new shop and Mr Harmel explained to me that previously they were an online business which streamed on Tik Tok.

According to Mr Harmel “they wanted to get out the house and always longed for their own shop.” The shop owner said that the store came available and that they went for it. This is what inspired the family to start their own business.

Mr Harmel has a passion for gaming and enjoys playing on the Nintendo Switch. Picklestix is unique in comparison to other stores and stands out boldly as they have a wide range of items. For instance, the gaming shop doesn’t just sell the latest games they sell card collectibles, plush Pokémon toys, many different superhero rucksacks, sweets and picture frames of different Pokémon characters.

I visited this fabulous new shop myself and was fascinated by everything the shop had to offer and I’m sure people who are also interested in Pokémon will find this shop very creative and fun. Picklestix has not only attracted the younger generation but the shop has also attracted the older generation and I believe that Picklestix has added a whole different dimension to St Neots by lighting up the town with its vibrant purple poster.