College crumbling 

An Ofsted inspection at Melbourn Village College carried out on the 3rd and 4th of July recently slammed the school as having an inadequate grade. Pupil behaviour was the primary issue seen by inspectors and as a former student I intend to reveal my opinions on the report.  

Ofsted carried out an inspection of the College at the start of July and the report was recently published on their website on the 6th November. Ofsted decided that pupil behaviour was inadequate and unacceptable. As a former student I recognise that behaviour definitely declined after the covid lockdown as it was an unprecedented time for the whole country. Language usage was always a point the school were very adamant they wanted to sort out and on occasion students were pulled up for their inappropriate language by teachers but not as much as it should have been which led to it uncontrollably spreading like wildfire around the school becoming a widespread uncontrollable issue. 

Ofsted have said “Frank conversations have been held with staff around expectations and responsibilities” 

As a GCSE student last year, I experienced first-hand how hard the teachers worked at making sure we were the best prepared for our exams as we were all prepared for the grade boundaries to return to pre pandemic levels. Teacher's structure lessons very well, but bad pupil behaviour slowed the progress of most lessons. 

As much as I witnessed daily bad behaviour as a student at the college, I also witnessed the teachers' love for helping us develop our learning. I believe this Ofsted report may damage morale at the school as the teachers are not being recognised for the difference, they make for the students that are willing to learn. 


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