A SINGER has released a Christmas pop song he hopes will prove a hit this festive season. 

Robert Radley, a songwriter and producer from Halstead, has just released his new seasonal song titled Christmas (Waiting for You).

The tune captures the magic of the festive holidays surrounded by family and friends and the precious memories created along the way.

Radley, who writes, performs and records his own music, draws musical influences from multi-instrumentalists such as Prince, McCartney and Wonder.

He incorporates the live loop performance style of Ed Sheeran and the rock vocal inflections of Brandon Flowers, of The Killers, and Matthew Healy, of the 1975.

Christmas (Waiting for You) is a pop hit that subtly builds up with both Radley's heartfelt vocals and beautiful acoustic guitar.

The bridge section leans on the theme of extreme weather and shows how snow can feel dark and overshadow the light before an uplifting and extravagant chorus of choirs, guitar solos, blasts of orchestral brilliance, church bells and electronics.

Radley has created this song to be loved by many and is soon to be a hit track this festive season with its undeniable charm and enthusiastic lyrics.

Listen to the track here: https://tinyurl.com/2vp937e5

Pre-save the release here: https://artists.landr.com/064837198828