COLCHESTER'S MP will miss parts of this year’s Remembrance service due to military duties, the politician has confirmed.

Will Quince has announced he will not attend the city’s Remembrance service and parade on Sunday due to having joined the Army as a reservist last year. 

In a Facebook post, he said he passed the army officer selection board and is currently enrolled on the short commissioning course at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.

As a result he is unable to attend the service. 

The academy is one of several military academies in the UK and the initial officer training centre for the British Army. 

The short commissioning course is for Army Reserve officers and both regular and reserve service officers. 

During the eight-week programme, participants train in four modules, which can be completed in a consecutive period or over a number of years. 

After completing the course, Officer Cadets can become Second Lieutenants in the reserve, Officer Training Corps or Captains in PQC roles. 

Mr Quince said: “As sad as I am to be unable to attend this important service, I know the pride of Colchester will be on display as our city honours the fallen and gives thanks to those who serve and have served.”