ONE of Frinton's most much-loved pubs has reopened following a change of ownership.

The Lock and Barrel, in Connaught Avenue, is undergoing a big change as two well-known and experienced people take over the popular pub.

Louise Cuckow and dad Peter Clarke are taking the reins over what was famously the first pub inside Frinton's gates.

Gazette: Popular - The front of the Lock & BarrelPopular - The front of the Lock & Barrel (Image: Lock & Barrel)

The pair have a history in managing catering establishments and are also the proud owners of the Essex Skipper, so are already known around the area.

The Lock and Barrel has had more than just a change of owners, as Louise and Peter have revamped the entire pub.

Louise said: "We have people in here painting, buffing the floor, a lot of bits and pieces being done to spruce the pub up."

A change of the floor, decorations and how the pub fundamentally works have all been happening.

The pub will now offer table service, a whole new menu and a weekly rotation of ales.

The pub reopened on Friday while guests enjoyed music from local band Domino Duo.

Gazette: Named - The sign above The Lock & BarrelNamed - The sign above The Lock & Barrel (Image: Lock & Barrel)

With more than 10 years of experience in catering and pub ownership, Louise says she is delighted to have the Lock and Barrel.

"When I saw it had gone up on the for market, I thought, why not?" she said.

"It is nice to have a bit of control over the drinking and entertainment of Frinton."

The pair plan on further revamping of the pub in January next year.

For more information head to the Lock & Barrel Facebook Page.