The Mildenhall Museum is located along the Mildenhall high street and contains a range of exhibitions focusing on the history of the area. The various exhibitions include prehistory, Anglo-Saxons, the Great Air race and people from the town. The museum is often rated very highly on review sites such as Tripadvisor (where it has been rated 4.5 stars out of 5), and in addition to its permanent exhibitions, it hosts talks on a monthly basis. It is almost entirely volunteer-run and does not charge for admission, but rather asks for donations.

Recently, over the October half term, the museum ran a “Ghost Hunt” activity where children visiting the museum could take a sheet allowing them to answer questions (the answers for which were hidden around the museum) for a reward once they had completed it. These activities can get children engaged in history and excited about the museum. The price for a sheet is £1, which presumably goes towards the printing of the sheets and keeping the museum running. And, as the programme was running throughout the half term, it provided a fun and educational activity for children to take part in.

However, aside from the seasonal activities, the Mildenhall Museum does have a permanent activity known as “Time Traveller” where children can take a booklet free of charge and fill in questions about the museum and its exhibitions. The questions include multiple choice, short writing tasks and even a question on drawing Breckland animals. Overall, the museum makes for a fun family trip and a way to get young children engaged in local history.