SINCE Invasion Colchester first made its debut more than a decade ago back in 2011, it has become an annual and thrilling staple in the city's events calendar.

Having first launched as a means to raise money for a Leicester Hospital - cash which ultimately saved a life - the superhero spectacle has delivered pop culture in physical form to the masses on a yearly basis.

Each year, a wide range of beloved comic book and film characters descend upon Colchester, all while continuing to raise money for various charities.

If residents are unable to visit large Comic Con events in London or San Diego, for example, they can instead make use of the fictional fun which arrives right on their doorsteps.

From Batman and Star Wars characters to zombies and Harry Potter wizards, each Invasion Colchester event boasts amazingly crafted outfits - and this year's - which took place on September 2 was no different.

Iconic characters from the likes of Ghostbusters and Doctor Who all descended on the city centre, happily posing for pictures with young - and slightly older - fans in awe of their likeness to the real deal.

Here we take a look back at some of the fun memories of the earlier Invasion Colchester events, where the magic of fantasy and science fiction truly came to life.