SPECTATORS were left dazzled after a charity group hosted its biggest ever firework display over the weekend in Colchester.

King Coel's Kittens, established in 1962, hosted its annual firework extravaganza in celebration of Bonfire Night on Sunday. 

The event took place in Castle Park with huge crowds gathering inside and out to catch a glimpse of the mesmerising bursts of colour.

This year, however, there was no bonfire due to the amount time it would have taken for the firelighters to light the fire - the only type of lighter that would meet insurance regulations.

Despite the omission, the thousands of guests who attended the occasion refused to left it dampened the experience, and enjoyed the evening nonetheless. 

It is hoped the bonfire attraction will, however, return next year with a different version of insurance cover being proposed. 

The first ever King Coel's Kittens fireworks display took place in 1970 and now as many as 8,000 people pack into the park every year to enjoy the beloved event. 

During the pandemic, in 2020, the event was cancelled for the first time in its 52-year history before the spectacular returned for good in 2021.