At the civic theatre , within Chelmsford , Joseph and the amazing technicolour dream coat premiered in late October showcasing some brilliant young talent bringing a sense of community to the theatre world. It focuses on Jospeh being sold into slavery by his jealous brothers but prevailing and ultimately ending Egypt’s famine. 

Behind the scenes the performers and those alike having been working non-stop to provide an extraordinary, visual and auditory experience for an audience. Many different aspects come together to make up this musical such as the makeup looks which the characters are featured in.

“I found the theatre work really useful in building skills for my future career path as I want to be a makeup artist when I’m older I feel privileged to have had this opportunity to practice my makeup - Evie Carr , an aspiring makeup artist , age 16 from the local community. She believes the skills she learnt will be carried with her throughout her journey in artistry.

Projects like these as so important in modern day society in order to help people express themselves in ways they would not be able to and  devastatingly as a result of the pandemic the theatre industry’s revenue was millions of pounds lower suggesting how projects like these are becoming fewer and fewer. Since 2008 children participating in theatre and drama activities has dropped by an average of 33%.

So why not go support a local show today ? Gain some theatrical knowledge , give yourself a treat , go on ! According to new research live theatre is proven to boost empathy levels and pro-social behaviour so what have you got to lose . This production is simply outstanding and its praises can’t be sung enough.