OFFERING a relaxed environment in which to enjoy a little bit of 'me-time' while being creative, Jean's Craft Room in North Hill, Colchester, makes for the perfect indoor getaway on a rainy day.

I headed to the new shop a Thursday afternoon and was greeted by a small and cosy space boasting a couple of tables for two to four people and a range of brushes and colours. 

After a quick introduction to the paint, which does dry quite quickly, I chose the piece I wanted to transform into a colourful masterpiece. 


As I had just lost one of my ceramic bowls to an accident in the kitchen, leaving it shattered in hundreds of pieces, I was set on making my very own cereal bowl.

Unfortunately, the last one had already been used by a mother and daughter duo which were at the craft room at the same time as me. 

I instead decided on a teapot, believing it would pose a great addition to my household on a cosy afternoons, not least with the autumn in full swing and the colder winter months ahead.

Gazette: Shop - Jean's Craft Room, in North Hill, Colchester Shop - Jean's Craft Room, in North Hill, Colchester (Image: Public)

The painting process was fairly easy and proved the perfect opportunity to unwind for a short amount of time. 

I am no artist by any means, but I thoroughly enjoyed turning the rather boring-looking teapot into a unique and colourful piece. 

For those who are less spontaneous, however, it might be helpful to research some ideas beforehand and gather inspiration to avoid losing the time one might instead need for painting. 


Once I had finished my piece, feeling rather relaxed, I paid and received my pick-up slip, and was informed I would have to wait a couple of days for the piece to be glazed and burned. 

Overall, Jean’s Craft Room is a brilliant idea for those looking to get creative, be it mums visiting on a Thursday evening for a paint and wine event or a group of children. 


Pottery painting has no age or gender limit, and is always a lovely way to make a personalised and unique gift for a loved one, especially with Christmas coming up.

To find out more about Jean's Craft Room call 01206 693358.