Monster Mania

Hundreds of children visit a frightful abode of skeletons in the North of Cambridge. Many say the house was an amazing spectacle to behold-not only because of the sweets-but because of the eight gory life-sized skeletons placed in comic places all over the exterior of the house. However the main attraction was the two giant skeletons guarding the driveway, both reaching four meters in height with glowing eyes that seemed to follow you around as you passed by. Not only did the eyes of the skeletons glow but so did the haunted house as it was lit up in red, green and blue which was amplified by the fog which gave the house an even greater effect on the witnesses of the spectacle.

On the other hand, such a spectacle is bound to gain popularity and so there where hordes of people dressed as the undead queuing just to enter the boundaries and take a snapshot of the display. According to an account the visitors queuing to the show made the house so much more frightful that at first they thought it was an army of the undead walking slowly towards them. Once inside the premises you could find a feastful of sweet delights-and a few eyeballs-surrounded by cauldrons, pumpkins and ghosts with a witch serving you piles of goodies. The cold October air was filled with screams, laughs and “Happy Halloweens” that seemed to echo down the street.

Overall the mania of horror ended with a cheery and frightened masquerade of people, running away merrily down the street to find more gory and wonderful displays that held sweet delights. But the stream of people continued incessantly, flowing towards the blood curdling screams of the haunted house.