The recent release of clothing for this autumn and winter has been met with challenging prices, leaving many to wonder whether they will be able to afford the necessities needed to keep warm in these fast-approaching cold seasons.  

‘Clothes that were once reasonably priced, are now abnormally expensive. Especially as a student that works at minimum wage, the number of hours that it would require to buy the things I need, such as jumpers, scarves and so on, is ridiculous’ (Jessica Warner, 16) 

The rapid rise of prices on the high street has had a damaging effect on those that rely on them most. People that depend on the stability of prices for affordable clothing have now found it burdensome to find the money to be able to buy the items which are necessary for the upcoming cold season. 

Coats and jackets, that could once be found at rather competitive prices of around thirty pounds, have now increased to around fifty or sixty, which to many is more than half of their budget for such things. Jumpers that could be found for just under ten pounds in stores a few years ago, are now found to have doubled in price, nearing about twenty each. 

Although many of us may hope that the increase in price will provide an improvement in quality, unfortunately, we have been left with nothing but disappointment as we find that they have in fact not. This leaves many of us to wonder where will be left to buy these items of clothing from, or whether we will be able to afford to buy them at all this winter.  

With this lack of desire to now buy as many things from these once more than affordable stores, the decline of the high street may be inevitable as many of us turn to online shopping instead.