We spoke to running candidate for chairperson at Colchester Sixth form college- Bill Midzi to gain his insight as a student of how schools and colleges reflect the ideals of society, particularly through institutions such as student council.

Midzi explains how his love for politics and helping people was what pushed him to get involved in student council, believing it is an early platform to be able to use his voice for change. He shows an understanding for what needs to change to make the school more effective at creating better rounded students. He states that strengths within the college include the diversity as well as the regular events that showcase students' talents. These positives highlight the values of society that are growing in importance and reflect how individuals are valued in modern society.   

Midzi passionately outlines that improvements could be made when it comes to how the students work, arguing that technology should be used in classrooms rather than notebooks, and states that this will ‘enable students to work more effectively’ and ‘improve students a-level results.’ This idea also allows the accessibility of technology to produce a greater understanding of key life skills needed in the modern workplace.  This once again indicates the modernisation of society and how school must keep up with technology. This links to his belief that there needs to be ‘more focus on necessary life skills required for the real world’. He states that this can be done through ‘college offering realistic and beneficial lessons... such as introductions to university loans and apprenticeship pathways.'

The passion, articulation and dedication that Midzi uses to speak about his possible candidacy of chairman shows that school council can be a powerful platform that mirrors society’s governance.