This is Eden is a non-profit organisation that raises awareness of human-trafficking and raises money through the sale of their jewellery, made by survivors. It started in 2014 in Myanmar, Burma to help the 49.6 million trapped in modern day slavery.

Heather Cunningham, head of Eden in the UK, outlines how Eden was started by two housewives in Myanmar, who began outreach to women in brothels. These brothels are now more challenging for the charity as they are more under the radar.

Cunningham’s journey within this charity began with her drive to end human trafficking and modern-day slavery. She credits her involvement to her faith in God and states that he ‘initiated all of this. He strengthens and equips me to do it.’ She tells how she started by selling Eden’s jewellery at her church and how her role has grown in the organisation.

Cunningham recalls her ‘life-changing moment’ on a trip to Myanmar and how when she met some of the women the organisation has helped, they all ran and hugged her. She states, ‘it took my breath away as I suddenly realised that these were the girls I was fighting for.’ She then adds that this made the cause more personal and made her even more determined to do as much as she could for them.

The stunning jewellery comes with a different woman’s story that brings a deeper meaning to each piece. Cunningham tells of the ‘commitment necklace’, which is secretly given to girls in brothels when members of Eden find them, to give them hope and comfort in their difficult situations.

All jewellery profits directly benefit the women of Eden by funding outreach, trauma counselling, shelters, community education and economic empowerment. Cunningham explains that people can help Eden by praying, donating or buying jewellery at