As Autumn slowly unrolls itself, many sporting events have also kicked off alongside the new academic school year. The Selkent League is a Southeast London and Kent Youth Football League from Under 7s to Under 21s. In the Season 2023-24, there are 116 clubs with 960 teams involved in this league. This year’s matches for each age group are organised into 2 rounds of group stage, where the teams play against one another to gain a rank, this is soon followed by the Quarter-final, Semi-final, and most excitingly, the finals in April 2024.


Here we are looking at the Under 11s specifically; whose match is often positioned at a 15:00 slot on a Saturday afternoon. The young boys are competing for victory to their team, which gives them the chance of challenging stronger opponents as well as being a step closer to the finals. “It seems like we always start off quite weak, throughout the season we improve as a team and always come back stronger.” Said by Justin, a striker for the Under 11 team of Kekoa; this is his fourth season at the club. “However, we did win our match last week, which is a great emotional asset to the team I think.” This Under 11 team had a comeback of 2-1 in their most recent match, and the team atmosphere became more energetic with the young players looking forward to their future matches now more than ever.