Eighteen-year-old Siyani Sheth created a play called "The Expulsion of Exulansis" all by herself. This performance was reflected from August 29 to 31 this year in Central London.

This play tells the entire story on Siyani's experience with adolescent mental illnesses beginning when she was fifteen. A friend of hers made a remark about how interesting her story was, which is exactly what inspired her to write this play. 

Siyani emphasized that writing and reading the play back was a challenging and stressful process during the creation stages. Throughout the entire process, there was a presistent fear of sharing everything because everyone would then be aware of her story. 

But then when it actually materalised and came to life it was the most amazing thing, Siyani said.

She decided to share her story because, at the age of fifteen, she was overwhelmed with emotions and left with many unanswered questions. She had no idea what was going on, had no one to talk to, had no idea what to talk about, and the worst feeling she brought up was how awful it was to feel so alone about it, therefore the play was the best way to represent that.

Since there are sadly many examples of young people suffering in today's world, her primary motivation for writing this play was to encourage young people who are experiencing similar things and to show them that they should not feel alone. 

... and also I wrote it for parents and for adults that never got taught what to do if their child has a mental health issues or just to learn about mental health, she stated.

Suppot for this amazing event came from her parents her drama teacher who helped with technical things, but mostly from herself personally. She was the one who wrote, casted and directed the play. Siyani was acting in it and there was just a small team of people that made this idea come true.

Over a thousand people attended the paly over its three days, and Siyani raised about 20,000 pound, which she donated to Young Minds, a children's and youth mental health charity. According to her, there was a connection of some kind between each and every person in the room.

Siyani's message to young people who suffer from mental health illnesses


TALK! I kept it to myself for about 5 months and it was the most horrible thing ever. As soon as spoke to someone about it, even tough it still felt hard, iIhad people that could help me and i think talking was the thing that helped me get better. It is a scary thing to tell people what is going on, but this would be my main advice, Siyani concluded.