Crowds gathered outside the Victoria Palace theatre in London on the 21st of October to see Hamilton, the eight-year-old musical based on the life of Caribbean prodigy turned Founding Father, Alexander Hamilton. The show, with a run time of approximately three hours, had the audience hooked from the very beginning, captivating every eye with unforgettable music, lights, and incredible choreography that just blew them all away. 

Lyrical genius Lin-Manuel Miranda devised the musical after reading the biography written by Ron Chernow in 2004, knowing he couldn’t throw away the shot to create a phenomenal and nonpareil masterpiece. While it was originally performed on Broadway, the show was carried on in England due to its success, ensuring British musical enthusiasts were not left wondering what they had missed, and has become one of the most popular musical theatre performances of all time. 

One audience member, Payton Agyiri, 14, said, ‘It was an incredible show! The actors are amazing, and the music is super catchy.’ 

Christopher Sayers said, ‘The King was played very well and connected with the audience, bringing fun and humour to a very tragic story, and the solo sung by Washington was amazingly powerful. The only bad part was that the storyline was confusing at times and could have used a narrator, but overall, 8/10.’ 

In conclusion, Hamilton is a breathtaking work of art that will leave audience members in awe and admiration, even if they aren’t usually engaged by music. Hamilton will leave you with the songs stuck in your head for weeks afterwards, and you will never be able to forget the seamless beauty of the theatre, though you really have to be in the room where it happens to absorb that palpable, suspenseful, and intoxicatingly exciting atmosphere. In short, watching Hamilton will make you feel like you’re in the eye of a hurricane.