The Epping Forest Sunflower Group provided support for the second Epping Forest Climate Exhibition 2023, which was held at Grange Farm Center on 22 September.

They got the idea to plan this event from their work in the Sunflower group. The idea to start this kind of self-initiated event without funding came from long walks in the outdoors combined with photography and art. For the first time, in September 2022, Mr. John Price and Ray Harris organized this event. Next, they created Life Force, a magazine about climate change. That magazine included articles about the district's climate along with a list of all the groups and activities that were taking place. 

The aim of the exhibition

This exhibition was made possible by a number of organizations, including the Waltham Abbey Men's Shed, Waltham Abbey Photography Club, Buckhurst Hill Wellbeing Group, ACE Activities, a VAEF affiliate, The Grange Farm Center, and Chigwell School. Mr. Price, provide us with additional information about the event.

The aim is to create local awareness of climate issues in our district and to encourage other groups and schools to join us. This year we received a Lottery grant to encourage others to get involved, which is why we had other groups at the show. We hope to do another exhibition in April next year and produce a second version of Life Force magazine showing the work of the whole period, he said.

In order for this event to go on in the future, they hope that bigger businesses will join forces, sponsor a portion of their work, and participate if at all possible. In addition to the lack of resources for the magazine's conception, design, and printing, these two driven individuals are unwilling to give up on the idea. They are in constant communication with businesses and other organizations in an effort to form a team that will provide funding and support.

About the exhibition

Around seventy people came out to support this initiative on the day of the exhibition, members of all the groups present. Every group listed above has contributed artwork, including photographs, to this exhibition. This event was mainly an exhibition but there were a few stalls, raffles, tea and cakes and the ACE Hands Up for Music Group, which is a singing music group for deaf people. 

According to Mr. Price, the day's atmosphere was excellent. People seemed interested and entertained, and they received a lot of positive feedback, which motivates them to keep working on this idea.