ESSEX has been named among the most haunted counties in the UK, according to new data.

Research by tour operator Ski Vertigo has placed Essex among the UK counties with the most frequent reports of paranormal activity.

Ski Vertigo analysed more than 13,000 paranormal activity reports to compile a list of haunted hotspots.

They used the total report locations to calculate the frequency of reports per 100,000 inhabitants in each area.

Essex ranked tenth place on the list.

Among the higher results include the top three: Isle of Wight with 83 reports, Cornwall with 59 reports and Dorset with 57 reports.

Next were Suffolk with 55 reports, Wiltshire with 54 reports, Northumberland with 50 reports and Cumbria with 48 reports.

Norfolk with 45 reports and Devon with 36 reports bring up the rear alongside Essex.

A spokesperson for Ski Vertigo commented on the findings: "The UK's heritage is deeply intertwined with tales of the supernatural, and our findings provide a fascinating insight into those counties where history seems to have left a particularly spectral mark. 

“As we approach Halloween, we encourage the brave and inquisitive to explore these haunted locales – whether you're a believer or not, you'll find yourself immersed in the deep, dark heart of Britain's supernatural history."