A NEW restaurant serving up homemade and authentic food while giving back to Colchester’s community has opened its doors. 

Tony Scuderi has turned his dream into reality by opening his Sicilian restaurant at the corner of Scheregate Steps. 

Vulcano Etna opened its doors to the public on Friday to serve authentic Sicilian food. 

“It’s my dream coming true. I’ve been working hard for it for the past 25 years and today I can see this place coming alive," he said. 


“It’s like having a baby and I can see my sacrifice and seeing it is paying off."

In only 17 days, the team of the new ristobar, managed to create a welcoming establishment which hopes to have a positive impact on the community. 

Mr Scuderi said: “I want to give back to the community. And I thought of how can we achieve that. By giving people a chance and serving good food. 


“I already got in contact with the hospital, and I’ll get in touch with the Essex Blind Charity. I would like to help them and make a difference in the community.” 

Mr Scuderi is planning to raise monthly funds for local charities by donating ten pence of every coffee bought to a specific cause and is asking guests to bring ideas forward. 

Vulcano Etna promises authenticity, cleanliness and an exclusive taste of Sicily and its culture. 


“Sicily is more than what people think, we have a lot of culture and I’d like to bring that knowledge to the UK," he said. 

Sicily’s food and culture have been heavily influenced by its neighbours in north Africa and Greece, creating a distinction to Italian food. 

All of the food served at the restaurant is freshly made, using as much Sicilian produce as possible. 


While there is street food-inspired Arancini, traditional fried rice balls with fillings, on the menu, a classic tiramisu can be found too, along with a Fiat 500 Abarth, as two very Italian items. 

Vulcano Etna is open Monday to Wednesday 8am to 6pm, Thursday to Saturday 8am until 11pm and Sunday between 9am and 4pm.