A CONSULTATION looking to find locations where thousands of homes could be built in Colchester in the next decade has been launched. 

During the 16-year period running from 2017 to 2033, Colchester has been set a requirement of building 14,720 dwellings at an annual rate of approximately 920 dwellings per year.

Colchester Council has launched a call for sites consultation to encourage suggestions from residents, developers and landowners alike. 

Suggestions are also needed for locations for employment and green spaces. 

All public suggestions will be examined and analysed through the Strategic Land Availability Assessment technique (SLAA).

It’s a technique used to determine the suitability, availability, and achievability of potential land identified by the public and any additional suggestions from the council.

Gazette: New homes - The council wants to hear from members of the public and the deadline for all submissions is January 5 2024New homes - The council wants to hear from members of the public and the deadline for all submissions is January 5 2024 (Image: Newsquest)

All suggestions can be made at colchester.oc2.uk and the deadline for submissions is January 5 2024.

Colchester Council’s leader, David King, believes this an important opportunity for residents to speak-up and suggest the places their ideas.

He said: “The ‘Call for Sites' is an opportunity to become an active participant in sculpting the future of Colchester.

“We're reaching out to every resident, landowner and developer in Colchester.

“Their contributions will help us define the landscape of our city's future.

“Together, we can ensure that Colchester remains a vibrant, inclusive, and sustainable place to call home for generations to come.”

The call for sites consultation is part of the on-going Local Plan Review which looks at housing need.

As an authority, the council is required to assess its Local Plan for Colchester every five years to ensure it stays up to date and relevant to meet the needs of the city.

For the forthcoming review, the council wants to engage more with the public and the Call for Sites is the first step in this plan.

The council is also hoping to receive feedback on the method behind the SLAA assessment and comments can be submitted online until November 17 at colchester.oc2.uk.

In Colchester Council’s annual statement on housing land supply from last year, the council has built 19,817 dwellings between 2001 and 2022.