A DECISION has been made on plans for houses to be built behind a Chinese and Thai restaurant.

Colchester Council has made the decision to refuse plans for the development of two homes to the rear of the Maypole Chinese and Thai Restaurant in The Maypole in Messing Road, Tiptree.

The plans looked to demolish the existing outbuildings to the rear of the restaurant and build two three-bedroom chalet bungalows in their replacement.

Each bungalow was designed with allocated car parking and private gardens. The floor plans showed two one-storey chalet bungalows decorated with clay plain tiles, conservation-style roof lights, black weather boarding, timber doors and windows and red-facing brickwork.

Tiptree Parish Council recommended the plans for refusal on the grounds of sustainability.

The Tiptree Neighbourhood Plan Policy states that in order to enable safe pedestrian access to public transport facilities, schools, leisure and other important facilities serving Tiptree village, all new developments should ensure safe pedestrian access.

A spokesman for Tiptree Parish Council said: “At present there are no footpaths to enable safe pedestrian or cycle access to this site.

“It is appreciated that the coming development may alter this in which case the applications are merely premature.”

The Maypole is a grade II listed building and the plans stated it would improve the condition of the site by replacing the buildings to the rear of the restaurant.

Colchester Council reviewed the application and said: “By virtue of the proposed site layout and the proposed dwellings’ scale, layout, detailed design and general form the proposal would result in a development which appears cramped and contrived.

“By reason of the introduction of visually intrusive development, likely conflict with existing natural features and urbanising features the proposal would also fail to respect or enhance the rural character of the site's landscape setting.

“The proposal is therefore considered to fail to achieve a high quality of design, would have an unacceptable impact on the character and appearance of the area, including landscape setting.”

“The proposal would result in harm to Grade II listed The Maypole."