A COLCHESTER author is set to release a book written about part of the city today, following a talk. 

Written by Ken Rickwood, the book explores Colchester's Shrub End parish and its secrets, history and memories.

Shrub End: A history of a Manor, Village and Parish is set to be published today, October 14, following a talk by the author at Red Lion Books, in the High Street, at 2pm.

Gazette: Author - Ken RickwoodAuthor - Ken Rickwood (Image: Ken Rickwood)

Mr Rickwood has been a resident in Shrub End since 1966 and has written the book to bring together historical facts, his knowledge about the farms that once stood there and the many different roads, shops and businesses that have populated the area. 

The book focuses on bringing the full story of this once isolated area next to its larger neighbour of Colchester up to date - to the Shrub End people know today.

Gazette: Difference - The Leather Bottle in its younger daysDifference - The Leather Bottle in its younger days (Image: Ken Rickwood)Residents of Shrub End may find a road or house they know, or even their own, with the book's useful index.

With hundreds of coloured illustrations, maps and black and white images, this fascinating read covers all sorts of local history.