COMEDY star Jack Whitehall will perform in Colchester next month as part of his tour of the UK.

The 35-year-old, who started his TV career presenting Big Brother’s Big Mouth on E4 in the 2000s, will bring his new live comedy show, Settle Down, to Charter Hall on Tuesday, November 7.

Whitehall has nine shows to perform before then, however, starting with Dublin on Saturday and Aberdeen on Sunday as the comedian returns to the road following three sell-out arena tours.

Whitehall performed at a sold-out Charter Hall earlier this year, when 1200 tickets sold out in just 40 minutes.

He said: “This is my most personal show yet, with plenty of material about the big changes that have happened in my life.

“It’s about my struggle to settle down gracefully.

“I’ve got a long-term partner, a ridiculous dog and am now hurtling towards middle aged without a clue. It’s about a foppish man-child’s cack-handed attempt at adulting!”

Other comedians will have a chance to split the sides of a Colchester audience before Whitehall turns up next month, however.

Sarah Millican will perform at Charter Hall on Sunday, October 15, and Frankie Boyle will feature the following day.

Jimmy Carr, who compared Colchester to the Dombas region of Ukraine when he last performed in Colchester, will return on Wednesday, October 18.

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