A LUCKY deer has been rescued after getting trapped in a fence at a primary school in Walton.

The muntjac deer got its body stuck between railings as it took a shortcut across the ground at Walton Primary School, in Standley Road, on Sunday morning.

Fire and recue crews from Clacton fire station were called to the scene by concerned neighbours shortly after 8.50am.

A spokesman for Essex County Fire and Rescue Service said the deer was released uninjured from the railings.

Gazette: Trapped - Deer in Walton on the NazeTrapped - Deer in Walton on the Naze (Image: Essex County Fire and Rescue Service)

“Firefighters rescued a deer after it got trapped in a fence on Sunday morning,” he said.

“A crew from Clacton used hydraulic spreaders to carefully free the deer from the metal railings.

“After giving it a check over, the animal was unharmed and trotted off after being freed.”

Muntjac deer are often spotted in gardens on the Tendring coast with fire crews having been called out to rescue the animals from railings on Clacton seafront on a number of occasions.

One deer previously made its way on to Clacton Pier before bolting and jumping off the end of the landmark into the North Sea.

Onlookers watched on in amazement as it swam ashore before running off along the beach in the direction of Holland-on-Sea.