A BRAVE groom has tied the knot with a complete stranger all in the name of love - and television.

Luke Worley, 30, from Clacton, appeared in the latest season of Married At First Sight UK, which aired on E4 this week.

The programme, now in its eighth season, is a social experiment where singles are matched to marry total strangers by experts.

Luke appeared on our screens as he met his new wife Jay Howard, 31, from Accrington, in Lancashire.

Gazette: Married: Luke Worley and Jay Howard after tying the knotMarried: Luke Worley and Jay Howard after tying the knot (Image: Channel 4)
The couple, who both work in sales, immediately hit it off, bonding over their sense of humour during the wedding at Ashridge House in Hertfordshire.

Luke, who was well supported by his family and friends ahead of the show, was not allowed to know the location of the wedding until just a couple of days before.

Luke said: “I could only tell my close friends and family before the big day. I was allowed 12 people at the wedding.

“My friends and family were shocked when I told them I was going on the show.

"A lot of them had never seen Married At First Sight so the idea of marrying someone I’d never met was a shock for them.”

Gazette: Meeting: Luke meeting Jay at the aisleMeeting: Luke meeting Jay at the aisle (Image: Channel 4)

In the episode Luke was seen standing at the end of the aisle in a freshly tailored suit from The Grooms Room at Abigail's Collection, based in High Street, Colchester. 

The business famously tailored Olly Murs for his Osea Island wedding this summer. 

The owner of Abigail's Collection and The Grooms Room, Abigail Neill, said she was slightly confused when she first met Luke because he couldn’t tell her anything about his wedding.

Luke added: “My love life is absolutely terrible.

“Before Married At First Sight I was with someone for eight years and was absolutely gutted when that ended.

“For the past four years, it’s been difficult dating, especially around here.

“I nearly went on the show last year, but I was still cut up about my ex at the time.

Gazette: Smiles: Luke smiling at his brideSmiles: Luke smiling at his bride (Image: Channel 4)

“But this year they messaged me again and I thought I’m ready now, so I said yes."

Married At First Sight will be aired weekly from Mondays to Thursdays for the next nine weeks at 9pm on E4.