EastEnders fans have been left “feeling sick” after spotting a huge clue, they believe reveals who will die at Christmas.

The death was teased during a flashforward in February, showing Denise Fox, Suki Panesar, Stacey Slater, Kathy Beale, Sharon Watts and Linda Carter stood over a dead body in The Queen Vic.

Now fans on TikTok believe they have discovered the identity of the mystery man, drawing comparisons between the scene and the 2019 Christmas episode.

In the video, TikTok user Tullz replays the flashforward and notes the sound of the fire burning in the background, and the song playing over the scene – Stay Another Day by East 17.

@itstullz Key clue to who might be dead on Eastenders at Christmas?! #eastenders #eastenderstiktok ♬ original sound - Tullz

In 2019, the same music was used at the end of the Christmas episode when Martin Fowler had seemingly killed another character. The episode ends with the sound of a fire crackling, and Martin staring into it.

So, could it be the end of Martin this Christmas? Fans are hoping not.

One said: “Evilest six theory ever - I feel sick.”

Another added: “As soon as I saw that fire at 2019 Christmas pop up I was like NO NO DON'T YOU DARE SUGGEST MARTIN NO.”

A third suggested it was possible due to logistical reasons, saying: “The actor who is playing Martin is in Panto in my local theatre in Aylesbury for 2 months…. Surely he’s filmed and gone from the soap”

However, not everyone was buying the theory.

One fan said: “Nah, they're using stay another day because it's a Christmas song (even though it has nothing to do with Christmas) but it's sad.

“Fire is just atmospheric...

“They're trying to re-do the dirty den thing in my opinion, so it's got to be someone who's got it coming....”