A Clacton football fan says Nike should be ‘embarrassed’ for failing to release an England women’s football goalie shirt - after the Lionesses reached the World Cup final.

Millie Winslett, 17, said she'd ‘lost respect’ for the global sportswear giant for refusing to sell a replica of the jersey worn by heroic England keeper Mary Earps.

The teenager wrote to the company ahead of the World Cup explaining how saddened she was that her little sister couldn't get her hands on her heroine's shirt. 

After the Lionesses played a brilliant game in the World Cup final on Sunday, she joined the chorus of calls for Nike to release the goalie shirt.

She said: “I’ve had no response yet. I’m not sure if I’ll get one now. I’m hoping that they’ll give me one, but they’re still refusing to comment.

“[Mary Earps] has kept us in the game, as she has done for so many games, and I just think surely that’s enough of a statement to Nike to start producing the kit.

“I’ve lost a little bit of respect for the company. I’m very into my sport and like the things that they produce, but I do think it’s gone on too long now.

“There are so many people that have reached out and spoken about it. I think by this point, they should be embarrassed by themselves for not doing it.”

Gazette: Upset - Millie Winslett, 17, the football fan left disappointed as Nike has still not produced an England's goalie shirtUpset - Millie Winslett, 17, the football fan left disappointed as Nike has still not produced an England's goalie shirt (Image: Millie Winslett)

Millie said she was thrilled the Lionesses had made it through to the World Cup final after their brilliant victory in the Euros last year.

Although the Lionesses faced a devastating loss, she praises their hard-work and incredible journey.

She said: “I think they’re incredible. They’re one of the best England sides I’ve seen from both the men and the women in my lifetime.

“The fact that they’re the first English side to make a world cup final in 57 years, I think, says absolutely everything you need to know about them."

Millie was joined by hundreds of fans on social media calling on Nike to release the replica shirt worn by Mary Earps - crowned the best FIFA women’s goalkeeper 2022.

A petition calling for Nike and Adidas to release women’s replica goalkeeping shirts has reached more than 40,000 signatures.

And Earps herself rounded on Nike for its decision not to sell her shirt during a press conference in Brisbane, Australia, calling it “very hurtful” and “hugely disappointing”.

Nike has been approached for comment.