Summer is the time of year when Brits across the country pull out their trusty BBQ to cook up some tasty treats.

However, the smoke from these can become a nuisance to some, leaving many wondering what the law is regarding these in the UK.

Whether you want to make sure your garden party is above board or want to see if you can complain about the smoke blowing into your garden, here is the law.

Is it illegal to have BBQ smoke leave your property and can neighbours complain?

Gazette: You can complain about a neighbour's BBQ if it is causing a statutory nuisance (Canva)You can complain about a neighbour's BBQ if it is causing a statutory nuisance (Canva) (Image: Canva)

The answer here is rather blurred with smoke causing a 'statutory nuisance' able to be complained about to the local authority, according to Clarke and Son Solicitors.

However, the smoke from a one-off BBQ use is unlikely to cause this.

While most BBQ smoke will not constitute a statutory nuisance, if you believe it is excessive and are unable to resolve the issue, the council may be able to look into the problem for you.

Admiral Insurance backs this up, saying that producing a lot of smoke regularly is a nuisance that runs those using BBQs into conflict with the council.

Local authority rules in place to deal with 'nuisance' BBQ users vary with differing approaches in place for smoke not coming from a chimney.

Those found to be causing a statutory nuisance may be issued a fine of up to £5,000 (domestic properties).

Fines of up to £20,000 may also be given for nuisances on commercial or industrial properties.