COLCHESTER'S brainiest twins have admitted enjoying a "bit of light competition" ahead of their A level exams, after receiving top results.

Joseph and Thomas Patridge, students of Colchester Sixth Form, in North Hill, have been left "chuffed" after both passing their exams with flying colours.

Joseph received three A*s across Maths, Economics, Sociology and Art and will now be studying economics at Nottingham University.

Thomas received four A*s in Maths, Further Maths, Computing and Economics and will be studying computer science at the University of Manchester. 

"There was a bit of light competition, not as much as when we were younger, but it was nothing too major," said Joseph. 

"I'm feeling quite good about going to university, I know it will give me a lot more independence and a new kind of lifestyle."

Kitty Davies, a former St Benedict's Catholic School student, has passed with two A* grades in Biology and Psychology and two A grades in Chemistry and EPQ. 

She is going on to study veterinary medicine at Surrey University, which is her first choice.

Speaking about how she got into the world of animal care Kitty said: "I grew up with about a million and one animals and I was going down to the vets every other month or so

"I think being surrounded by that environment really piqued my interest in the field [of animal care]."

Gazette: Excited - Kitty Davies and her dog, Oscar, celebrating her stellar resultsExcited - Kitty Davies and her dog, Oscar, celebrating her stellar results (Image: Kitty Davies)

Kitty said the key to her success was Oscar, her dog who helped during her revision sessions. 

"Oscar really helped me to revise," she said.

"I used to get really bored when going through my revision cards but stroking him and having something to do with my hands really helped me to keep focus."

Martha Cole recieved A* grades in politics, history and sociology and will be studying politics at Edinburgh University, her first choice.

She was extra pleased with her results and said: "I was really not expecting to get grades that high, as I only needed an ABB for Edinburgh University."

The young, budding politician added: "I really enjoyed studying politics and I love reading about it in the news.

"I find it really interesting, which is why I'm going to study it at university."