PARTYGOERS breathed a sigh of relief after learning a huge nightclub is to be given a new lease of life.

Epic Bars and Clubs announced its purchase of Atik, in High Street, Colchester, had completed yesterday.

The major venue will now sit closed until October while its new owners embark on a £600,000 renovation project.

The announcement came as positive news to Colchester clubbers including city councillor Sam McLean whose family shares happy memories of the iconic club.

Gazette: Nightlife enthusiast - Sam McLeanNightlife enthusiast - Sam McLean (Image: Public)

Reacting to the news, he said: “The nightclub provides Colchester with a valuable social hub, where we can meet and enjoy socialising with friends and strangers, connected through a mutual enjoyment of music, dance, and partying.

“We don’t often think about it but these facilities have a positive effect on the city’s community spirit and the mental health of the residents.

“I enjoy going out to dance on occasion and I find that a good night out always has a long-lasting impact on my mood and motivation.

“The High Street nightclub has been there for generations in one form or another. It would have been a terrible shame to see it go for good.

“I’ve known it as Atik, my brother knew it as Liquid, and my dad knew it as the Hippodrome when he came to Colchester as a student in the 1980s before deciding to settle here with my mum, who he met in Colchester thanks to venues such as this.”

Gazette: Club boss - Jeremy Durrant, who owns Rubix, in Crouch Street, ColchesterClub boss - Jeremy Durrant, who owns Rubix, in Crouch Street, Colchester (Image: Jeremy Durrant)

Jeremy Durrant, who owns Rubix, in Crouch Street, welcomed the news after previously telling the Gazette he feared the closure of Atik could have a knock-on effect on other businesses.

He said: “I wouldn’t want to see any business leave the city unnecessarily. More choice for nightlife means there are more chances of people coming into town from Colchester and further afield.

“As the nights draw in, especially around Halloween, people will want something to enjoy and a new venue will be a boost to other businesses as footfall will increase as people check out the new venue and return to tried and tested ones.”

The club owner added that the summer months have seen a “buzz” return to his venue.