A CRITICALLY acclaimed tour retelling the classic action film Die Hard is ready to light up the Mercury Theatre's stage.

The show, Yippee-Ki-Yay, pays an affectionate tribute to the iconic 80s fan favourite by parodying the movie with both wit and rhyme. 

Recommended by The British Comedy Guide, Richard Marsh is the mastermind behind this rhyming retelling of the classic movie. 

When asked how writing the script was, Richard Marsh said: "Telling Die Hard via poetry struck me as a very funny concept when it hit me. 

"On top of that, what if the cool, wise-cracking tough guy John McClane was played by the bespectacled, rhyming geek Richard Marsh? That seemed fun. And it has been."

The show at the Mercury Theatre will be played by the just as brilliant Darrel Bailey.

You can watch the performance on September 28 at the Mercury Theatre.

Find out more on their website at mercurytheatre.co.uk/event/yippee-ki-yay.