Colchester is set to become one of the first locations in the world where young drivers can get behind the wheel of a newly British-made vehicle... all without a licence. 

Driving the all-electric Firefly Sport is only available to four-to ten-year-olds and aims to educate the children on road safety, while also allowing the youngsters to experience the thrill of being in control of a vehicle.

Lessons in the scaled-down EV will be available to book from August 13 and will take place at Colchester United’s Jobserve Stadium.

To keep both children and adults safe, the car’s speed is capped at 10mph and the engine automatically cuts-off if the child drives out of a 200m range, or if the vehicle senses any obstacles in its path.

Young Driver Motor Cars (YDMC), who are running the lessons, is a sister company to Young Driver, which specialises in driving lessons and experiences for those who are not yet of legal driving age.

Ian Mulingani, YDMC’s managing director, said: “It’s hoped the car will help educate youngsters about road safety and how future motor vehicles can be an environmental force for good – as well as being a lot of fun.

“It’s designed to be straightforward and unintimidating, but being electric and looking like a junior supercar, it also aligns with the type of vehicle that children hope to drive when they pass their test.”

He added: "Having seen how young people respond behind the wheel, we can’t wait to let the youngsters of Colchester give it a go. It’s all helping in our mission to create a next generation of safe, responsible motorists – as well as putting smiles on faces.”

To find out more, purchase a driving lesson or to enquire about purchasing a Firefly Sport go to: