IDIOTIC teenagers have been pictured on the roof of a city centre building, prompting calls for residents to display a greater urgency in reporting dangerous behaviour.

Three youngsters stupidly scaled the Pound Stretcher building in St John’s Street, Colchester, on Sunday evening, before a photo of the incident was shared on social media. 

Despite clearly being seen by at least one member of the public, police confirmed on Monday they had not received any emergency calls from members of the public about what had happened.

A spokesman for Essex Police said: “We would encourage anyone who witnesses an incident where someone could potentially be at risk of serious harm to call the police.”

The incident is the second public disturbance to have taken place in the last week after arsonists set fire to the former Odeon cinema in Crouch Street, Colchester.

Earlier this month, the Gazette reported Essex Police had identified Cowdray Avenue and Greenstead estate as areas being disproportionately affected by high levels of anti-social activity.

More than £1 million has also been invested in tackling anti-social behaviour and last week Colchester Council passed a motion which would review the authority’s approach to anti-social behaviour in the city.

Gazette: Dangerous – the teenagers were spotted on Sunday night, but the police said they did not receive any calls in relation to the incidentDangerous – the teenagers were spotted on Sunday night, but the police said they did not receive any calls in relation to the incident (Image: Social Media)

Pam Cox, who is a Labour councillor for New Town and Christ Church, explained a new strategy was needed to minimise such incidents.

She said: "The motion we put to full council last week was because of incidents like these – that’s why we put it forward.

"I’m really pleased the council agreed to call for a review of anti-social behaviour strategy and review of police resources.

"I would echo the message the police has already given out which is if the public see this, they need to report it online quickly.

"That way, the police can build up a pattern of incidents and it makes them more effective for them to deal with it."

Professor Cox added: "If it was me [who saw what was happening] I would report it by phoning 999 or 101.

"We need more city centre buildings to be secure and we need more provisions for young people in town."