Wendy’s has now officially opened at Northern Gateway Leisure Park in Colchester.

Having never eaten at a Wendy’s restaurant before, I was unsure what to expect.

But I built up an appetite while speaking to other customers who were waiting outside, who had only good things to say.

It was very busy which I thought was a good sign, considering it had just opened.

Gazette: Seating- outside seating are at Wendy'sSeating- outside seating are at Wendy's (Image: Newsquest)

When stepping in, there are screens to browse through the menu and place your order on.

There is also a large screen on the wall which displays the full menu, showing a range of burgers, chicken, potatoes and sides.

They also do kids' meals which include a hamburger, cheeseburger or four nuggets and a side and drink for £3.99.

Most of the prices were reasonable with a lot of the combo meals consisting of a burger, side and drink costing under £10.

Wendy’s also sells baked potatoes for as little as £2.79, which I thought was interesting and different to other fast-food outlets in the area.

Gazette: Inside- the pickup area at Wendy'sInside- the pickup area at Wendy's (Image: Newsquest)

I got a few items from the menu to try and to share with the office.

I went for the ‘Baconator’ burger with some cheese fries as well as 20 nuggets and a jacket potato with sour cream and chives.

I sat down for a moment and watched lots of customers coming in and out of the new restaurant.

There are lots of places to sit, with some high tables as well as low tables. There are also a few tables outside with umbrellas which make for a nice spot for lunch too.

Tucking into the burger, fries and a couple of nuggets, I felt full pretty quickly which is unusual for me when it comes to fast food.

Gazette: Food- a taste of the menu at Wendy'sFood- a taste of the menu at Wendy's (Image: Newsquest)

The quality of the chicken in the nuggets was very good, they tasted fresh and had a light salt and herb seasoning on them which gave them some flavour.

The burger also didn’t disappoint, with two half-pound square beef patties, American cheese, six pieces of crispy bacon with Heinz ketchup and mayonnaise it was delicious.

The nuggets and fries went down well back at the office with my colleagues commenting on how good the quality of the nuggets was.

All in all, I will definitely be returning and am interested to try some of the other items on the menu.