AFTER opening its doors earlier this year, the award-winning bubble tea brand, Milksha, has enjoyed a steady flow of customers.

The Taiwanese bubble tea giant shut down Head Street with an awesome display, as crowds of intrigued punters stopped to watch the traditional dragon dance, set to bring the venue good fortune.

Taking a look behind the scenes, The Gazette had an opportunity to see how the beverage giant makes their famous drinks.

Fu, 30, manages and brews tea at the establishment, ensuring high standards.

A highly efficient worker, Fu handles multiple large-scale brews simultaneously and has successfully overseen the launch of two venues.

After completing training in Taiwan last year, Fu played a pivotal role in inaugurating the inaugural Milksha location in London, as well as the recently established branch in Colchester.

The Colchester establishment serves as Milksha's UK headquarters and houses a research and development lab. It houses four varieties of brewing teas: Ruhuna, Earl Grey, Oolong, and Jasmine Green tea.

Green tea reigns as the most popular choice at the Colchester site, with Manager Fu approximating a daily output of 21 liters of this refreshing beverage.

According to Fu, each tea blend has undergone rigorous testing in Taiwan over the course of several decades, and the sourcing process is carefully carried out to ensure superior quality.

Following the completion of brewing, Fu skillfully adds ice and stirs the boiling tea vigorously, rapidly cooling down the beverage.

The brewed tea remains optimal for consumption for up to three hours, guaranteeing the best possible flavor.