ESSEX Police has collaborated with a toy manufacturer to reproduce a Scalextric replica of a police car in an attempt to attract applicants to the force.

In a move which a detective inspector has described as ‘different’, the force has given Hornby Hobbies permission for its insignia to be used on a Scalextric model of the Ford RS200 rally car, which has featured in Essex Police’s road safety campaigns.

Detective inspector Clayton Ford said Essex Police is “not afraid to try something new, and that’s what sets us apart.

“These cars have cost the force nothing financially, but they help us send a clear message: stay safe when you're driving and if you'd like to join our growing team, apply today,” he added.


The RS200 rally car was originally a limited edition sports car, with only 200 having been made, and Essex Police is now looking to cash in on its fame by attracting new recruits.

Insp Ford continued: “We want to attract the best people to join Essex Police, we are recruiting now for vehicle technicians, police officers, transferees.

“If you share our values and you want to protect and serve your community alongside people who are proud of what they do, get in touch.”