A DAUGHTER has accused hospital staff of a “catalogue of errors” after her mum suffered two strokes in three days.

Cassandra James has raised concerns over the care her 79-year-old mum Margaret Picken has received both in and out of hospital.

Margaret had initially been taken to Colchester Hospital on November 8 last year after suffering a stroke before being released after two days later.

Cassandra said: “She went home but suffered another extremely severe stroke on November 11 and returned by ambulance to Colchester Hospital and stayed there for two or so months.

“I believe if she stayed in the hospital, she would not have endured the severe second stroke - she should not have been discharged so quickly.


“Her medications, which are blood thinners, were changed and there was not enough time to observe her before she was discharged.

“She was moved to Broomfield Hospital for two weeks and was discharged to go home.

“Broomfield assessed her home but her home is not fit for purpose considering the amount of hospital equipment she needs.”

Cassandra said she wanted more comprehensive rehabilitation for her mother but claims she has not had anything and her mum’s health has now severely depleted.

“All departments involved in this process have never taken action, ownership or assisted my mother to help her improvement", she added.

“After six months she is still unable to speak, she is paralysed on her right side and cannot read, write or do anything.”

Cassandra is now hoping to have her mother rehomed as a matter of urgency.

She said: “Her wishes are to not go into a care home, however, if there is an option for a new place locally to them that would be ideal.

“She has now been moved from the Early Intervention Team to community therapists and they cannot provide a visit more than once a month if we are lucky. It’s not enough.

“There has been a catalogue of errors, oversights, no ownership taken on each and every hospital and department under the NHS.

“I hold both Colchester and Broomfield hospitals and the Government at fault and all other departments under their trust.

“For six months I have been calling everyone and have not achieved anything due to too many departments not talking to each other.”

Gazette: Boss - Dr Giles Thorpe is chief nurse at the East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation TrustBoss - Dr Giles Thorpe is chief nurse at the East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust (Image: Newsquest)

NHS trust bosses respond to concerns

Cassandra James made a formal complaint to various NHS bodies following the claims.

The Gazette approached both the East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust and Mid and South Essex NHS Foundation Trust for comment on the complaints.

Bosses at ESNEFT, which runs Colchester Hospital, and MSENFT, which runs Broomfield, have since responded to the concerns raised.

Each said it is looking into the issues brought to light by Ms James and is liaising with the family in question.

Dr Giles Thorpe is chief nurse at the East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust.

He said: “We were very sorry to hear about these concerns.

“We are currently carrying out an investigation of the patient’s care while she was at Colchester Hospital and will keep the patient’s family fully informed with the findings.”

Chief nursing and quality officer at Mid and South Essex NHS Foundation Trust Diane Sarkar echoed this.

She added: “We are very sorry that Ms James is disappointed in her mum’s care, and a response addressing those issues is being sent to her."